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Greetings and salutations current, future, and former MLS students; iSchool faculty and staff; and interested observers! Today we begin a new chapter in the MLS Program by launching our very own blogMLS, the official blog of the MLS Program at Maryland’s iSchool. On the blog you’ll find official information from the iSchool such as registration or graduation information, program updates, and iSchool events. You’ll also find “feature” stories where you’ll learn about people, research, and events happening in and around the iSchool. Finally, you’ll find stories from beyond the iSchool—way out in library land—including a series on finding library jobs, getting connected with library associations, news/events affecting libraries, and more.

The blog is being headed up by MLS Program Director Dr. John Bertot, your new MLS Program Coordinator Lindsay Sarin, and a crack team of MLS students. That said, we’re always looking for content, story ideas, maybe even an editorial or two; if you’re interested in doing a guest post for the blog please contact Lindsay Sarin .

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