Training Specialist/Public Outreach Coordinator for the U.S. District Court – Indianapolis, IN

The Training Coordinator performs and coordinates administrative, technical, and professional training activities for unit employees, judges, and judicial staff. The incumbent ensures that training complies with the appropriate guidelines, policies, and approved internal controls. Other responsibilities include acting as the Court’s Public Outreach Coordinator. The Public Outreach Coordinator is responsible for a wide range of activities designed to educate the public about the federal judiciary as well as heighten public awareness of the history of the local district, develop the history of the court, and preserve and protect historically significant materials related to the Court’s history. The incumbent ensures compliance with the appropriate guidelines, policies, and approved internal controls for the areas of responsibility.

This fast-paced and challenging position requires the successful applicant to present a professional demeanor at all times and to possess strong organizational, analytical, oral and written communication skills. The successful applicant will possess the ability to work independently. Dependability with a commitment to regular attendance and punctuality is a highly regarded characteristic. The person in this position must exercise sound judgment, maintain confidences, work harmoniously with others, and foster high ethical standards.


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