Technology Requirements for iSchool Students

Students coming into the iSchool should come prepared with a basic level of technology skills and access. These skills are necessary for effectively functioning in a graduate program.

Basic Requirements

  • The iSchool does not have a preference for Mac or PC computers, so students should select their preferred format.
  • All students should have a working understanding of Microsoft Office suite or equivalent software.
  • They need to be able to effectively navigate the Internet.
  • In general, students will need consistent access to a computer and high-speed Internet.
  • Students often use various medias including online video conferencing, email, discussion boards, blogs, social media platforms, and other Web-based technologies to “attend” class sessions, communicate with professors and peers, and complete assignments, so students should be willing and able to learn new platforms quickly.

University Email 

All students are required to setup a University ID that is used to access most online University systems and serves as a student’s email address. Students who wish to use a personal email account to receive University emails must set-up mail forwarding using Testudo.

Available Services

  • University of Maryland provides its students with great resources through its TERPware service. All students have the ability to download (for free!) the Microsoft Office Suite and the Adobe Creative Suite to their personal computers, in addition to other useful software.
  • The University Libraries offer an array of services including equipment borrowing; printing, faxing and binding.

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