Systems Librarian at Chabot College – Hayward, CA

Chabot Library is hereby reopening its position for Systems Librarian.  The Library welcomes new librarians in addition to experienced librarians to apply, and especially encourage those who have taken courses, have taken strong interest or better yet done at least a little work in user experience, information architecture, study of cataloging standards and determining accuracy and potential improvement of records, as well as having worked with systems, front-end and back-end (including what are now known as Library Service Platforms).

Chabot College, a California community college, is truly a diverse institution, located in Hayward, “heart of the East Bay” of the San Francisco Bay Area.   Its pride includes being a Hispanic Serving Institution, and having robust programs such as UmojaPuenteChange It Now (CIN!)Restorative Integrated Self Education (RISE)Program for Adult College Education (PACE), and other important programs to guarantee students’ success.  Librarians have faculty status (with four full academic years of probationary status before receiving tenure).  The college provides a guaranteed seat for the Library on many committees and the academic senate of which the librarian serves on at least one.  The generous salary covers 175 days of service each year and the full-time librarian, if wishing, can also serve as an adjunct librarian earning a robust hourly rate on Saturday or summer hours, when they are available.

Deadline is May 22, 2019.

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