Sticky: Summer/Fall 2016 – Advising and Registration Information

Registration – Fall & Summer 2016

It’s hard to believe, but we’re getting close to Fall 2016 registration. As of right now we’re being told that registration will begin March 31. This date is tentative as we have not received formal confirmation from the Registrar, but please note this date and we will send out updates as we receive them. Both schedules of classes are posted in Testudo. There may be some changes to the Fall schedule, but this is what we anticipate offering.

Summer 2016 registration has just begun, so you can view the schedule and register now.

Two-Year Course Plan updated

The Two-Year Course Plan has been updated for 2016-2018. Remember that this is a guide to what we intend to offer. It is not set in stone. There are many many factors that could influence course offerings. We do everything we can to stick to it, but if things shift, you can trust that there is an reasonable explanation for why.

Updated specialization checklists

We have also updated our specialization checklists with the latest course titles and numbers. Note that the requirements for the specializations have not changed. We have simply updated the information as courses evolve and/or are added. On the Archives and Digital Curation checklist for example, you’ll notice that we have added additional approved elective options.


If you would like to speak with an advisor about your Fall or Summer classes, or have other advising questions, you can email me at to set up an appointment. Please suggest a few dates and times that you would be available to meet so I can set aside time when we are both available.

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