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INST 660 Leadership in the 21st Century

INST 660 Leadership in the 21st Century will be offered for the first time on-campus in the spring 2013 term. Professor Michael Kurtz is the instructor for this innovative course which uses a combination of research, current events, and literature (including biography and autobiography) to explore the key elements and challenges facing leaders in the contemporary era. Topics critical to effective leadership that will be explored include: Becoming a leader; the nature of leadership; the impact of gender, culture, and ethnic perceptions on leaders and leadership; leading organizational change; and developing as a high performing leader and mentor. This course will be of interest to all students: those who aspire to leadership roles and those who work in organizations under the direction of others.

The course will be offered Mondays from 2:00-4:45 p.m., in Hornbake 0108. Interested students should register for the course as soon as possible or contact (Professor Kurtz) with any questions.

LBSC 724 Public Library Seminar

We have switched the Spring Public Library Seminar class to a hybrid instructional approach. The class will meet at Shady Grove during its normally scheduled time (Mondays from 5:30PM-8:15PM) on the following dates:

Jan. 28
Feb. 18
March 4
March 25
April 8
April 29

The class will also include some online live sessions using Adobe Connect featuring guest speakers from public libraries around our area, but also more broadly. The course is intended for students pursuing careers in public libraries. The goals focuses on understanding public libraries in general, and more specifically on the nature and evolution of public libraries; how public libraries transform communities; the roles of public access technologies in building digitally inclusive communities; understanding the stakeholders and diverse populations with which public libraries interact; building 21st century public libraries; leadership; and skills to plan, develop, and evaluate public library programs. Questions regarding this course should be directed to (John Bertot).

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