Setting up Canvas (the new ELMS)

Starting in 2013, UMD will be moving from Blackboard to Canvas as a basis for ELMS.    This post provides instructions for accessing and setting up the options for your Canvas/ELMS account.

Logging into Canvas/ELMS

Go to  [This will be the URL until sometime in January 2013, at which time will be come the link to Canvas/ELMS.]







Login to ELMS by clicking on the yellow Login to ELMS button (You will be prompted to enter your UMD User ID and Password)







After you successfully login, you will see your ELMS/Canvas Home page







Setting up your profile

To completely setup your ELMS/Canvas account you should setup your profile and communication settings.  On the ELMS/Canvas home page, click on your name (in the upper right corner).

You will then see your ELMS/Canvas profile page:







To setup your profile, select the Edit Profile button on the right side of the page.  This will allow you to provide a text bio and links to webpages.  Save changes to your profile by clicking the blue Save Profile button on the bottom of your screen.

To add (or change) a profile picture, select the Settings (in the upper right corner).







To add a new photo, click on the picture and complete the process to upload a picture.  You can also change how your name is displayed and add contact information (e-mail, twitter, etc.) on this page.

Setting Up Canvas Communication Settings

ELMS/Canvas is able to send you a variety of notifactions, reminders, and messages from your courses.  To make sure that you receive these messages in a timely fashion you need to set you communication settings.

To setup your communication notifications, go to your Canvas/ELMS Home Page and select Settings (in the upper right corner).  You can then select the Notifications section (on the left).







On the Notifications page you can set the timing of different types of announcements, reminders, and messages.

To receive these items in a timely manner you should set them all to either Daily or ASAP.  To change an item, move the pointer over the phrase (ASAP, Daily, etc.) in the gray column on the right side of the screen.


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