Registration Housekeeping

As the fall semester draws to a close, we’d like to remind all of you about a few key pieces of registration business.

New Core

Spring and Winter classes are listed in Testudo. Don’t forget to check both LBSC (Library Science) and INST (Information Studies) course headings. Also,you may find some INFM (Information Management) classes of interest.

MLS students must complete the core classes (LBSC 601, 650, 670, 690) within your first 18 credits but no later than by Summer 2013. As we discussed during orientation, we will phase out the old core before Fall 2013.

By completing the existing core during this academic year, there are no transfer issues related to moving to the new core – and you will remain unaffected. To help students complete the core this academic year:

  • LBSC 670 and LBSC 690 are offered online during the Winter 2013 term. Enrollment is limited to 25 seats in each course.
  • Multiple sections of ALL core classes are being offered during the Spring 2013 term. The offerings are as follows:
    • LBSC 601 – Tuesday – 5:30-8:15pm – College Park – Instructor: B. St. Jean
    • LBSC 601 – Online  – Instructor: A. Prentice
    • LBSC 650 – Thursday – 5:30-8:15pm – College Park – Instructor: J. Strange
    • LBSC 650 – LBSO STUDENTS ONLY – Online – Instructor: J. Strange
    • LBSC 650 – Wednesday – 5:30-8:15pm – Shady Grove – M. Edsall Choquette
    • LBSC 670 – Online – Instructor: T. Srikantaiah
    • LBSC 670 – Monday – 5:30-8:15 – College Park – Instructor: K. Lawley
    • LBSC 690 – Tuesday – 5:30-8:15pm – College Park – Instructor: TBD
    • LBSC 690 – LBSO STUDENTS ONLY – Online – Instructor: J. Golbeck
    • LBSC 690 – Thursday – 5:30-8:15pm – Shady Grove – Instructor: R. Bradley

The important thing is that you plan NOW to finalize your core classes. To help you work through the transition to the new core, we encourage you to work with your advisors to develop your program of study. We would especially like to meet with students who have taken or have planned take one class per semester.  It’s important that we maintain communication so the transition will be as smooth as possible.

** School Library Students note that your program requirements are prescribed. Please follow those requirements. Those can be found here.

Continuous Registration  

There are a number of students who have not yet registered for the Spring semester. Please remember to complete the waiver of continuous registration or leave of absence form (depending on your reasoning for taking a semester off). This will ensure your graduate student status is not canceled for the Spring. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services Office.

Waiver of Continuous Registration Form
Request for Leave of Absence Form   

For assistance, please contact Student Services (, 301-405-2038).

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