Moment of Reflection in honor of Lt. Collins- Aug. 30 at 12:05pm

Please join us Wednesday August 30, 2017 at 12:05pm for a Moment of Reflection to honor the life of Second Lt. Richard Collins III.

Please join the iSchool as part of the University of Maryland and Bowie State University for a Moment of Reflection, today August 30, 2017 at 12:05pm, to honor the life of Second Lt. Richard Collins in solidarity.

Please refer to the following logistics sent out by the University this morning:

  • The moment will begin with a single Chapel bell chime at 12:05 PM and conclude with a single Chapel bell chime at 12:06 PM.
  • An all campus text message will be sent between 11:50 AM and 12:00 noon notifying the campus of the moment at 12:05 PM.
  • All will honor the moment of silence in place wherever they are – in classrooms, offices, residence halls, and meeting rooms across campus.
  • Several chaplains will gather at the labyrinth to lay a flower at 12:05 PM.  All are welcome to the labyrinth.
  • Loud speaker announcements will be made at 12:00 noon in large venues (e.g., ERC, Stamp Food Court, The Diner) announcing the moment of silence at 12:05.
  • All campus food service and cash registers will suspend business for one minute.
  • Buses and cars in motion will not stop.  Buses at bus stops will stay idle for one minute.  All bus drivers will ask passengers to observe the moment of silence.
If you have questions, please see more details at

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