Management and Program Analyst at the Library of Congress – Washington, DC


The incumbent provides program and business analysis and technical and operational expertise in a library or archival setting, regarding programs and related projects within the Library Services (LS) Service Unit. The incumbent uses analytical and evaluative methods and techniques for assessing program development and management and execution, improving organizational effectiveness, and providing expert consultation to the service unit office, as well as, managing, reporting, and administering LS automated projects and systems.

The incumbent analyzes products and services that expand LS’ core capabilities. Such actions provide LS the means to act as a cohesive service unit in related business areas, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and better leveraging partnerships to aid in fulfilling LS services to stakeholders and the Library of Congress mission as a whole.

Designs and conducts business analysis of library and/or archival technology, human resources or programmatic needs. Determines feasibility and usefulness of new technology, processes, and services for meeting the requirements of a library or archive.  Serve as the technical expert in defining functional specifications for library automation and/or business projects or programs to assure compatibility with and adherence to national library and/or archival standards and best practices.

Conducts analysis of statistical data and comprehensive evaluations of ongoing operations to ensure program goals are met and identifies areas where operational efficiency can be enhanced. Prepares and edits reports and related documents on complex LS program issues, provides expert guidance and data analysis that supports management decision-making.

Communicates report results in both graphical and narrative formats to LS management and others. Highlights the critical data needed to support management decisions. The incumbent also analyzes emerging trends within the library and archive community and provides recommendations to improve the efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of LS operations and programs. Evaluations and recommendation are reviewed by management officials for potential influence on broad agency policy objectives and program goals. Findings and recommendations are normally accepted without significant change.

As an expert on interrelated issues of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of substantive mission-oriented programs, the position receives administrative and policy direction concerning overall project priorities and objectives.

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