International Student Airport Shuttle Schedule

Thank you to all students who RSVP’d for the International Student Airport Shuttle, we will be running the shuttle from Dulles International Airport (IAD) from August 3rd – August 20th, based on these responses. Don’t worry, if you haven’t registered you can still hop on! The shuttle will begin and end at the Stamp Student Union on the University of Maryland Campus, where you can access shuttle buses and other forms of transport. The shuttle will drop students off at Graduate Hills, Graduate Gardens, Seven Springs and Parkside after leaving Dulles Airport and before returning to the Stamp.

Here is the current departure schedule:


Arrival at Dulles

August 3rd


August 4th


August 8th


August 9th

10:45am, 5:45pm

August 10th

10:45am, 5:45pm

August 11th

10:45am, 4:15pm, 5:45pm

August 12th

10:45am, 6:45pm

August 15th


August 17th


August 18th

4:15pm, 5:45pm

August 20th


If the dates/locations are not what you need to get to your new home, feel free to email us so we can help you coordinate:

There are also alternate transport options available at Dulles Airport, which can be found here:

We are grateful to our sponsors for their support, and we look forward to getting you to your new home at Maryland! #youarewelcomehere

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