Introducing the Inaugural MLS Advisory Board!

The iSchool at the University of Maryland, College Park is pleased to announce the formation of the inaugural Advisory Board for the Master of Library Science degree program. The Board is comprised of 17 leaders and students (see below) in the information professions who will guide the future development of the iSchool’s MLS program in a challenging and rapidly evolving information environment.

Serving three-year terms, the members of the Board will:

  • Provide insights on how the MLS program can enhance the impact of its services on various stakeholder groups;
  • Provide advice and counsel on strategy, issues, and trends affecting the future of the MLS Program;
  • Strengthen relations with libraries, archives, industry, and other key information community partners;
  • Provide input for assessing the progress of the MLS Program and charting future courses;
  • Provide a vital link to the community of practice for faculty and students to provide access for research purposes, inform teaching, and further develop public service skills;
  • Engage in, assist, and support the fundraising efforts to support the MLS Program; and
  • Determine and continuously update the necessary entry-level skills, attitudes and knowledge competencies as well as performance levels for target occupations.

Moving forward, the Board will serve as a key mechanism by which the iSchool sustains its top-tier MLS program.

The context in which library, archive, and information professionals reside has changed significantly – and so too must the preparation that MLS programs provide. As part of a year-long initiative with the iSchool’s community, the Board’s first task will be to engage in a strategic “Re-envisioning the MLS” discussion. The University of Maryland’s iSchool is taking a leadership role in redefining MLS education, and the Committee will be a key part of the process.

MLS Program Director John Bertot said that “We cannot be more pleased to be able to work with such leaders in the field as we consider the future of MLS programs in general and our program in particular.” MLS Program Coordinator Lindsay Sarin further indicated that, “We’re so excited to be working with group from such varied backgrounds and getting their input on key issues in LIS and LIS education.”

More information about the Board is available here.

Board Members 

Tahirah Akbar-Williams
Education and Information Studies Librarian; McKeldin Library, University of Maryland

Brenda Anderson
Elementary Integrated Curriculum Specialist; Montgomery County Public Schools

R. Joseph Anderson
Director, Niels Bohr Library and Archives; American Institute of Physics

Jay Bansbach
Program Specialist, School Libraries; Instructional Technology and School Libraries; Division of Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability; Maryland State Department of Education

Sue Baughman
Deputy Executive Director; Association of Research Libraries

Valerie Gross
President and CEO; Howard County Public Library

Lucy Holman
Director, Langsdale Library; University of Baltimore

Naomi House
Founder; I Need a Library Job (INALJ)

Alan Inouye
Director, Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP); American Library Association

Erica Karmes Jesonis
Chief Librarian for Information Management; Cecil County Public Library

Irene Padilla
Assistant State Superintendent for Library Development and Services; Maryland State Department of Education

Katherine Simpson
Director of Strategy and Communication; American University Library

Lissa Snyders
MLS Candidate; University of Maryland iSchool

Pat Steele
Dean of Libraries; University of Maryland

Maureen Sullivan
Immediate Past President, American Library Association; Maureen Sullivan Associates

Joe Thompson
Senior Administrator, Public Services; Harford County Public Library

Paul Wester
Chief Records Officer for the Federal Government; National Archives and Records Administration

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