Graduation Reminder: Important for May 2017 graduates

Keep reading for a graduation reminder from Jeff Waters, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services.
If you are planning to graduate in May 2017, you must apply to graduate by Tuesday, February 7, 2017. This application process is simple, and can be done via Testudo. You may see information from the Graduate School about completing additional paperwork (i.e. Approved Program Forms). That information is completed by Graduate Student Services, so all that you are required to do is apply via Testudo.
If you’re not sure if you’ll be eligible to graduate in May, you should apply anyway. There is no penalty for students who apply to graduate and don’t end up graduating, but there is definitely a penalty for students who don’t apply to graduate and then up being eligible to graduate. Additionally, I would suggest scheduling an advising session with me in the next few weeks so that we can discuss.

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