Graduate Profile: Rebecca Oxley

Today our graduate spotlight is on Rebecca Oxley. She completed both the Information and Diverse Populations and School Library specializations.

Rebecca Oxley

What made you decide to get an MLS?
Libraries and librarians were a safe place for me growing up, and a haven for knowledge. My mother is a librarian and leader, and an inspiration to me. I wanted to create that experience for the next generation of young learners.

What was the most useful thing you learned or useful course you took while studying at the iSchool?
Learning 21st Century skills comprised of traditional elements in combination with cutting edge new media and technologies was critically important. Developing cultural competency skills helped prepare me to help and advocate for diverse and changing populations.

What advice do you have for current or future iSchool students?
The grass is green where you water it – be a mover and a shaker! Get on Twitter to access and build the world’s biggest free personal learning network.

What are your plans after graduation?
I will be leading 2 middle school library programs in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Fun facts about Rebecca:
Favorite bands – Bad Religion, Deadmau5, and Wu-Tang

Favorite books – Dune by Frank Herbert, and The Sandman series by Neil Gaimen

Currently reading/listing to – reading Habibi by Craig Thompson; listening to Under the Dome by Stephen King

Favorite place to visit – NYC & Cancun, Mexico

Pets – 2 kitties, a one-eyed calico and a feisty gray tabby tuxedo

Favorite quote – “Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people, who have a right and a desire to know.” -Pres. John Adams

Interesting fact – I love kung fu.

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