Federal Government Entity Stenographer/Transcriber – Washington, DC

Employment Opportunity Posting –  Federal Government Entity Stenographer/Transcriber: This is a full-time position as a stenographer/transcriber supporting senior government officials in the federal government.  The job entails recording audio of events and working with a team to create a transcript for immediate turn-around.  The position requires an excellent command of the English language, specifically regarding composition, grammar, and proofreading, as well as a proficiency in typing quickly and accurately.  Qualified candidates will demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, effective communication skills within a team, and a high degree of professionalism within a federal work environment. Involves weekend and travel hours on occasion. No prior experience in stenography required. To apply, please submit a resume to MBX.OA.OCAO.Submission@oa.eop.gov. The deadline to apply is March 31st, 2019.

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