Fall 2013 Schedule Changes & E-Government

There have been some updates to the Fall 2013 schedule of classes that we would like to make you all aware of.

Cancelled Classes

The following classes were cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

  • LBSC 766 Access to Business Information
  • LBSC 707 Field Study in Library Services
    • Only the Wednesday evening section was cancelled. There is still a section being offered on Tuesdays from 5:30-8:15 on the College Park campus.
Courses to Consider
If you’re still looking for a course or your class has been cancelled, here are some classes that you may want to consider:
E-government Courses (students enrolled prior to Fall 2013 – ONLY)
 To ensure that all students who began the program prior to Fall 2013 can complete the E-government specialization, we’ve made some adjustments to the schedule. This should provide any such student with the opportunity to take the course(s) still needed. The schedule is as follows:

Fall 2013 
INST 607 E-government: Will be offered online.
Spring 2014
LBSC 735 Legal Issues in Managing Information: Will be offered in-person at College Park.
LBSC 767 Access to Federal Government Information: Will be offered online.
This is the last time that INST 607 and LBSC 767 will be offered for students outside the E-government online cohort, so if you still need to take them, this is your last chance.
All three classes are open to all on-campus students. In other words any on-campus student can register for INST 607 in fall, and any on-campus student can register for LBSC 767 and/or LBSC 735 in spring.

On-campus students beginning the MLS Program in Fall 2013 are eligible to take these courses, but cannot declare the E-government specialization. The E-government specialization is still available but only online as of Fall 2013.

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