Faculty Profile: Erik Mitchell

Dr. Erik Mitchell is an Assistant Professor and a Senior Research Fellow at the Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC).

erik mitchell

What made you decide to enter this field?
I became a librarian almost by accident as I was seeking a career with a BA in literature. In librarianship, I found a profession that is both service focused and has connections to a wide range of disciplines and interests. In total, I spent fifteen years as an academic librarian interested in information technology and metadata work before deciding to come to the University of Maryland to work with students and research in a different capacity.

What courses do you teach?
LBSC 670 Organization of Information; LBSC 783 Seminar in Technical Services            

How long have you been working in the iSchool?
Since 2011

What does your research focus on currently?
I focus on the role of metadata and technology in shaping our use of information. My research explores how these factors are changing libraries and what role our technology tools, communities, and institutions play in forming our information identity.

What is your favorite sport?
Road cycling

What is your favorite place to visit?
Northern California and the mountains of North Carolina

What is your favorite quote?
“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” — Mark Twain

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