iSchool Experiential Learning Expo a HUGE Success

Last Wednesday, MLS and MIM students gathered together for the very first iSchool Experiential Learning Expo; a poster session where they displayed posters describing their field study and capstone experiences.The thirty-one posters presented demonstrated the wide-range of institutions, topics, and kinds of projects that our students are prepared to work for/on after completing their program. All of the attendees were immensely impressed by the quality, volume, and variety of work students accomplished. Kudos to all those involved!

For those of you unable to attend you can find a sampling of the posters presented below.

Paul Watson

Sereena Hamm

MLS Student Paul Watson, completed his field study at the National Archives and Records Administration. During his experience he worked on a project focused on the preservation of digital materials and creating enhanced finding aids to allow for easier access to those materials.

MLS student Sereena Hamm worked at Hearst Elementary School in Washington, DC. Her experience focused on information literacy instruction programs, outreach to students, and how school librarians should serve as educational leaders in their schools.

Katie Stewart
MLS Student Katie Stewart completed her field study at the Schmidt Library at York College of Pennsylvania. During her experience Katie created a social media strategy focused that focused on how the library can use Facebook to connect with users.

Michael Davidson
MLS student Michael Davidson worked at the National Geographic Library & Archives where he worked to create an online catalog resource that allowed staff to find references to National Geographic in popular media.


Sydney Shippey
MLS Student Sydney J. Shippey worked at the Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the University of Maryland School of Law. During her experience Sydney rotated throughout the library including circulation and technical services.

4 thoughts on “iSchool Experiential Learning Expo a HUGE Success

  1. For those of you unable to attend you can catch photos of all the posters here and a sampling below.

    the “here” link also does not work.

    1. Hi Kippi!

      Thanks so much for the information. I believe we’ve fixed all the issues. It would appear that the photos were taken down from Flickr, hence the broken link.

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