Subway Library

The New York subway system has introduced Subway Library, a program to provide free e-book access on the when connected to the TransitWireless WiFi in any of the subway stations. You can read more about this program in this New York Times article. Heads up for any alumni or students in the NYC area this summer!

This initiative allows patrons to access library materials within their existing routines. Instead of pushing for users to come into the library, the library has brought itself to the users. It is important that as librarians, archivists, and information professionals, we think about our patron population and ask ourselves, “Who are we serving and what are their needs? Are our current methods reaching out to other members of the community that may not be active library users? How do our current practices limit us?” We can only improve if we constantly evaluate our motivations and consider how our programming achieves those goals. Can you think of other examples of extending services beyond the physical walls of the library? Email us at with your thoughts!

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