Project Sidewalk

Project Sidewalk is an exciting research initiative happening right here at the University of Maryland! Project Sidewalk allows users to virtually explore areas to assess accessibility needs in an area. It combines crowdsourcing with technologies such as Google Street View to conduct a thorough investigation of infrastructure in DC. According to their website, they have […]

Be My Eyes

The iPhone app launched in 2015 called Be My Eyes marks another step in technology increasing accessibility for people with disabilities. Be My Eyes links people who are blind or visually impaired to sighted volunteers through video chat. The volunteer can see through the video chat and answer whatever questions the user has. According to their website, they […]

Millennials and Public Libraries

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials have made greater use of public library spaces and websites within the last year than other generational groups, including Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation. The study also presents other key findings about public library users, including the fact that mobile app use for public libraries […]

Subway Library

The New York subway system has introduced Subway Library, a program to provide free e-book access on the when connected to the TransitWireless WiFi in any of the subway stations. You can read more about this program in this New York Times article. Heads up for any alumni or students in the NYC area this […]

This is What a Librarian Looks Like

Check out this Huffington Post article and Slate article about Kyle Cassidy’s new book This is What a Librarian Looks Like. Featuring photographs and stories of information professionals, the book highlights the diversity amongst our colleagues and the articles offer a sneak-peek of the contents. Not only are the portraits visually stunning, the testimonies are truly inspiring!

Podcast: Privacy and Digital Security in Libraries

As we see the government debating over net neutrality, internet privacy and other technical issues, it is important to see how libraries fall into these changing regulations. iSchool alumna and Fulbright scholar Molly Schwartz has been producing a podcast for METRO and put out an episode on libraries, privacy, and digital security: How do you think […]

Rural districts band together to promote innovation across schools on Education Dive

Take a look at this inspiring article “Rural districts band together to promote innovation across schools” on Education Dive. It highlights the collaborative efforts of schools and districts striving to maintain educational equity amongst rural populations. Examples range from the creation of a digital bank for curriculum resources in Arizona to a county in Virginia that […]

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