Liaison Librarian, College of Management & Technology at Walden University- Minneapolis, MN

Liaison Librarian in the following subject areas: Business, Management, Information Technology Liaison / Outreach Role & Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the Library’s expert on the needs of the faculty and students in the College of Management and Technology.
  • Collect information and data both anecdotal and statistical to identify points in programs that would benefit from library instruction or intervention.
  • Maintain knowledge of the evolving content of the curriculum, goals, and expected outcomes in programs served.
  • Identify first courses, or early courses, where students need to develop information literacy skills and final or large scale research projects where students need advanced research skills.
  • Identify, establish, and maintain contact with the key stakeholders in the College of Management and Technology, academic centers, and course development.
  • Identify opportunities for library content to be updated, created, and integrated into courses and programs.
  • Outreach to programs as well as an awareness and understanding of program structure and expectations.
  • Develop an annual review schedule of programs to identify upgrades, outdated materials, and new opportunities to support students and faculty.
  • Review course scope and sequence documents and identify problems and/or needs for instruction development.
  • Provide literature review consultations, and support for doctoral students.
  • Complete faculty and staff research support on request.
  • Develop internal training related to assigned programs and subject areas for staff librarians.

Instruction Role & Responsibilities:

  • All Liaison Librarians must be trained and involved in the production of instructional pieces including assignment guides, quick answers, library labs, tutorials, videos, etc.
  • Develop and deliver instruction targeted to students enrolled in the College of Management and Technology.
  • Liaisons will staff in-person and virtual Residencies and develop instructional and informational materials to improve Residency-based Library experience for students and faculty.

Reference Role & Responsibilities:

  • All Liaison Librarians will staff the reference desk.


  • ALA accredited master’s degree.
  • Two to five years of professional experience in a business academic, corporate, or other types of business environment setting is preferred.
  • In-depth knowledge of commercial and academic business and IT databases such as Business Source Complete, Emerald Management, IEEE, ACRM, and Science Direct, as well as relevant government and professional resources.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection.


  • Experience in an online academic library serving students at a distance.
  • Experience supporting doctoral level information literacy outcomes.
  • Previous experience (such as experience providing library instruction, collection development, reference/consultation services, development of training/instructional materials/Libguides, etc.) in an academic or special library environment.

Other information:

  • This is a virtual position.
  • This is a salaried, 40 hour per week, associate librarian position with full benefits.
  • Regular hours are Monday through Friday with occasional nights and weekends.
  • Travel may be required up to four times per year.

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