Director of Library Assessment at University of Rochester- Rochester, NY

The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries (RCL) seeks applications and nominations for the position of Director of Library Assessment.

In partnership and collaboration with department heads and leaders across the River Campus Libraries, the Director of Library Assessment manages, leads, and collaborates on projects focused on gathering, analyzing, and putting into use high-quality, actionable data to determine the value of library services, programs, learning spaces, and resources, and to inform RCL planning and decision-making. This role joins RCL at a very exciting time, as the University of Rochester develops a data governance structure and system to support assessment across the University. Reporting to the Assistant Dean of Academic Engagement, the Director of Library Assessment works with university data governance structures and systems, collaborates with library staff to promote a culture of assessment across the River Campus Libraries, and works to increase the technical competencies of library staff in collecting critical data and applying data analysis in their decision-making.

We welcome applications from emerging leaders with the passion, aptitude, and potential to grow in a robust, exciting and well-supported environment

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Areas of Responsibility:

Assessment Design and Data Analysis

  • Collaborates across RCL to design assessment tools and approaches to evaluate the impact of instruction, programming, research support activities, digital and physical collections, library learning spaces, planning and to inform decision-making
  • Leads and provides guidance across RCL in analyzing and evaluating assessment data, and incorporating lessons learned into practice
  • Explores new technologies to capture, analyze, and visualize assessment data

 Data Analysis and Communication

  • Analyses RCL’s assessment data, and provides summaries, advice, and consultation on the use of that data to RCL’s Strategic Leadership Team
  • Works with RCL’s Communications Project Manager to develop effective, accurate, and appropriate communication about RCL’s impact and value
  • Helps Outreach Librarians construct and frame impact communication to academic departments and faculty

Project Management and Leadership in Assessment 

  • Designs, manages, and leads collaborative, innovative, and experimental assessment projects across RCL
  • Identifies stakeholders and key partners in innovative assessment projects, and keeps them well-informed of project progress
  • Recognizes and clearly communicates risks and opportunities

Integration into Campus Assessment Initiatives

  • Works with the campus’ emerging data governance structure and initiatives to integrate RCL assessment data and projects
  • Works with the Director of Educational Effectiveness to effectively link RCL’s assessment efforts with those of the School of Arts, Sciences and Engineering
  • Collaborates with existing campus data dashboard frameworks to integrate RCL data with campus data
  • Sits on campus assessment and/or data committees and working groups, provides RCL data, expertise, and experience

Staff Training and Development

  • Designs and delivers training at a variety of levels of engagement to staff across the organization in order to help facilitate the culture of assessment at RCL
  • Explores new ways to integrate assessment thinking and approaches into staff activities
  • Helps build interest and excitement in assessment data and narratives
  • Consults with staff as they learn to apply data in their day-to-day decision-making

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