Guest Post: 9 Essential Tools & Resources for Librarians

The following is a guest post by Mary Walton

9 Essential Tools And Resources For Librarians

As a librarian, you’re in charge of the education of hundreds of people every day. Anything that can help make this vital job a little easier is more than welcome. With this in mind, here are 9 of the most essential tools and resources that you can use in your work.

  1. Noodle Tools

First time students in your library will need some help with the idea of research and planning. When their first assignments come in, they can be somewhat confused as to how the whole process works. This site gives them the helping hand they need. They can work through research in a constructive manner, and call on experts when they need some extra help.

  1. Cite It In

The problem with a lot of assignments students write is that their sources just aren’t cited properly. Even if they’ve done the research, they won’t be credited for it because they haven’t referenced their sources properly. If this is the case, show them this site. It gives them the correct citation for any source that you use in their work.

  1. EssayRoo Assignment Help

When a student needs to start researching, it can be hard to know where to start. This service offers a fantastic research database. Students can look in here and start finding the materials they need for their study.

  1. iLibraian Blog

This blog is a highly useful tool if you want to keep up with the latest technology. It talks about all the new technology that’s coming to education and study, and how it will affect students and librarians. If you want to keep up to date, this is the blog to read.

  1. ProQuest

This site is a one stop shop for librarian resources that you really should be taking advantage of. PhD Harriet Peters from Academized says, ‘There’s tools that both you and students can use here. The management solutions and data services are invaluable for day to day running of the library, and research tools are perfect for students.’

  1. History Essay Help

This service is a highly useful writing spot for educators. You can get in touch with writers when you need help with putting materials together, and even collaborate with them on larger projects. When you need an extra hand, they’re the people to turn to.

  1. School Library Journal

If you need to keep up with the latest releases, this is the blog you need to be reading. This site reviews the latest releases, and keeps you up to speed with everything that’s happening in the publishing world. It’s the best place to go if you’re looking at updating your stock.

  1. Boom College Paper

This writing community is a valuable resource for students and librarians alike. It’s a place online where you can get assistance with your writing whenever you need it. Tutors can work on your writing with you, or help you edit existing pieces.

  1. The Unquiet Librarian

This website hosts the blog of a veteran librarian, and follows what it means to be working in this highly valuable but chronically undervalued practice. It covers everything from the role of social media in the library to the joy of writing. This is a great place to get ideas for your own practice, as well as encouragement when you really need it.

These 9 tools will give you some of the assistance and space you need to grow and improve in your role as a librarian. Give them a try, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to help students under your charge, and become better at your role.

About the Author

Mary Walton has worked as a librarian for 5 years. Now she is online tutor at Philosophy Assignment Help. Mary enjoys reading, her favorites at the moment are Young Adult Fiction and Sci-Fi detective stories. She provides writing assistance at Essay Help. Mary enjoys writing since her childhood, but only recently she started her own blog


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