Rural districts band together to promote innovation across schools on Education Dive

Take a look at this inspiring article “Rural districts band together to promote innovation across schools” on Education Dive. It highlights the collaborative efforts of schools and districts striving to maintain educational equity amongst rural populations. Examples range from the creation of a digital bank for curriculum resources in Arizona to a county in Virginia that created its own 4G LTE network along with a 1 to 1 laptop program to support students technical skill development.

As funding for public infrastructure is cut, we may see many more of these cooperative partnerships across institutions, with libraries, archives and museums as no exception. How can LAM institutions work together through existing partnerships and new ones, similar to these schools to further their educational goals?  Many of us come from privileged backgrounds where our information institutions had ample funding and resources. We should look to these rural school districts as examples for how to work together when times are tight, learning from their experiences.

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