Children’s Literature Specialist for Success Academy Charter Schools- New York, NY

A passion for reading is at the core of everything we do at Success Academy Charter Schools. In our middle schools, scholars read a wide variety of high-quality texts — from novels, to poems, to short stories, to nonfiction books and articles. We want reading to become a lifelong source of joy and inspiration for our kids, and believe that great books are one of the best ways to unlock that passion.

We are looking for a specialist in children’s literature to collaborate with us to ensure we offer our middle school scholars the most engaging books to read during their independent reading time, both in school and at home.

The Project
Independent reading time is a staple of our literacy curriculum. It allows students to develop reading preferences and a true enjoyment of literature. We offer book lists in each grade to support our scholars in doing so.

We are currently seeking a consultant to collaborate with our Academics & Training department to update our current 5-8th grade book lists for the 2017-18 school year. It’s a big job and we’re excited to embark on it with someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes books (like us!).

The project will kick off with you getting an opportunity to see what our scholars are reading now. We’ll show you our current book lists, talk you through why we made the choices we did and also give you insight on how we approach our literacy curriculum. We pride ourselves on having a culture of feedback, so we expect that you give us an assessment of our book lists — a great first step to tackle the project at hand. Along the way, you’ll connect and collaborate with our team of curriculum writers.

We’ll know the project is complete when we’re both excited about the refreshed book lists. The new lists will have approximately 200 additional books per grade that range in genre (nonfiction, fantasy, sports, realistic fiction, poetry, dystopian fiction, etc) and are at the appropriate reading level.

What We’re Looking For

You must have expertise in children’s books — from the classics to the latest trends. You may have been a librarian or worked in publishing. You might blog/write/speak about children’s literature or have teaching experience in a school setting. No matter what your experience, you love young adult literature and were born to share that passion. Not only do you have expertise in children’s literature, you also have experience choosing young adult literature for middle school readers. An understanding of expectations for middle school reading levels by grade is critical for the role. You must be confident in your ability to choose highly engaging texts for all levels of middle school readers. We are based in New York City, but you don’t have to be!

This is a contracted position and we are open to remote workers (as long as you are a fan of video calls!). Immediate availability is ideal as the project must be completed by August 2017.

About Success Academy

Every day, Success Academies works to build and support a network of schools that provides children with a world-class public education. We currently educate nearly 14,000 students across 41 schools, and advocate to change public policy to provide all children with access to high quality public educational opportunities. Our schools rank in the top 1% in math and top 2% in English among all New York schools.

Success Academy is the largest charter school network in NYC, and our dual mission means that we not only do what’s best for our scholars, but for all kids through education reform. We need people like you to make this possible.

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