iDiversity Book Drive

iDiversity is collecting books on behalf of Chicago Books to Women in Prison, which is an all-volunteer group that distributes paperback books free of charge to people incarcerated in women’s prisons nationwide to offer women behind bars the opportunity for self-empowerment, education, and entertainment that reading provides.
The book drive will run through the end of the semester.  The donation box is in the 4th Floor Lounge in Hornbake.
What’s accepted:  paperbacks, in new/good condition, published in the last 10 years.  Particularly looking for:
  • Urban books
  • Contemporary African-American romance
  • True crime
  • Transgender fiction and non-fiction
  • Bisexual fiction and non-fiction
  • Dictionaries—mainly English, but also English-Spanish and other languages, as well as Bible, Scrabble and crossword puzzle dictionaries
  • Crafts (especially origami, cardmaking and crochet)
  • Drawing
  • Calligraphy
  • Puzzle books, especially Sudoku, word searches, crosswords and fill-ins
  • Recovery and addiction (general and specific substances, practical guidance and memoirs)
  • Mental health, especially depression, anxiety and trauma/PTSD
  • Legal books appropriate to the typical needs of people in prison—”jailhouse lawyer” manuals, legal research, law dictionaries, etc.
  • Starting and running a business
  • Bible dictionaries
  • Study Bibles
  • Language learning—mainly Spanish, but many others too, including American Sign Language—beginners’ and self-study books are especially useful
  • Astrology

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