FAQs – Supplies

How do I know what text books I need?
For every class you take, you should check the class Testudo listing to see if there are textbooks required for the course.

  1. Go to Testudo
  2. Find the listing for your individual course
  3. Select the section for which you are signed up
  4. Click the stacked book icon to the right of your section number.  This will inform you of any required textbooks.
  5. Keep in mind, not all instructors list their required materials on Testudo. If you still have questions about required readings for your courses, feel free to contact your course instructor to verify.

Do I need to bring a laptop to class/Should I have a Mac or PC?
Whether you use a Mac or a PC is up to you. Most of the faculty use Macs and it’s about 50/50 Mac/PC with students. No matter what you have you should be able to complete your assignments.

Do I need to know HTML or another programming language before starting the program?

No. When you take LBSC 671 you’ll get more information about that and do some work with it. If you’d like to practice it before you start, you certainly can. There are a lot of sites where you can practice and learn for free. Two good ones are W3 Schools and Codecademy.

What technology resources does University of Maryland offer?
University of Maryland has a software download website called TERPware. Various products are available for download and use by UMD students, faculty, and staff, due to agreements managed by the Division of IT.  Students can download products such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

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