Lunch and Learn Workshops- February 7 and 14, 2017

Here’s the next Lunch & Learn Workshop:    Saving & Budgeting, Make the Most of Every Penny
When: Tuesday, February 7th, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Where: Margaret Brent A, #2112, Stamp

Grad school is not a time-out period from your financial life.  Whether you want to minimize your loans, break out of living paycheck to paycheck or build your savings, there is support in your financial journey.  Representatives from SECU will provide guidance on how to develop good money habits now by sharing tools and techniques for paying yourself first and managing your debt wisely.Register now at:

Lunch & Learn Workshop, Feb 14th
How Credit Works

Your credit score may be used by everyone from potential employers to landlords to evaluate your stability and financial health.  Learn how to establish good credit and how to improve your score.

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