Hack Library School Twitter Chat- February 21, 2017


Hack Library School hosts Twitter chat

Mark your calendars! Hack Library School will host its very first Twitter chat on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 8pm CST.

Hack Library School encourages prospective and current library school students, practicing professionals, and anyone else in the broader LIS community to participate.

Beginning at 8pm CST, Hack Library School will post questions from its official @hacklibschool Twitter account using the hashtag #dearHLS. To participate, tweet out your answers to the questions, including the question number and the hashtag #dearHLS in your response so that others can see your thoughts. As the chat progresses, follow the #dearHLS hashtag to see what everyone is saying.

Over the course of the chat we will discuss choosing an LIS program, the reasons people want to work in the information professions, what current practitioners should know about life as an LIS student/prospective student, and issues people are thinking about post-election.

About HLSHack Library School is an online blogging community committed to providing thoughtful, engaging, and useful resources for library and information science students. Since 2011, HLS has been providing critique and insight into issues and strategies that are important to library students and the status of library and information science education. To learn more about our work, please visit https://hacklibraryschool.com/.

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