Express Yourself! Contest- Maryland Dialogues on Diversity and Inclusion

iSchool students, faculty, and staff have been leaders in diversity and inclusion initiatives on the UMD campus. One part of this has been our participation in the Maryland Dialogues on Diversity & Inclusion, which encourage advancing discussions of identity, difference, and commonality.
We understand that meaningful dialogue and critical thinking can change culture. We want to hear your thoughts on race and racism as part of the University’s Express Yourself! Contest, in order to allow others to learn from Maryland students’ unique experiences and perspectives.
The Express Yourself! contest allows undergraduate and graduate students to compete for a $200 prize from their College in the following categories:
  • Essay: Maximum of 1,000 words (docx)
  • Visual Arts: Maximum of 5 minutes (mp4) or (jpg)
  • Creative Arts: Maximum of 5 minutes (mp4)
Each category will have an undergraduate and graduate winner, a total of 18 students will receive awards.  From the selected winners, the Provost will then select one grand prize winner for each category.  Overall category winners will receive $1,000.
All students are encouraged to participate. Assignments submitted as class work are acceptable for submission. One entry per student to by March 27, 2017.
Emailed submissions should include your name, student ID, degree program and major, and project or essay category, title and description of up to 250 words.

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