Women in Tech Summit, Washington, DC- March 24, 2017

Are you interested in learning more about making your way in the traditionally male-dominated tech industry? Consider registering for the Women in Tech Summit. Student registration is only $40 and the event is happening locally in March 2017.

The Women in Tech Summit is coming to Washington, DC on  March 24, 2017. The Women in Tech Summit is the only women in technology conference that provides attendees with a unique combination of deep-dive, hands-on tech workshops; information and discussions about careers in tech and how to pursue them; and connection and networking opportunities with other women in various aspects and careers in technology. The Women in Tech Summit knows that working in tech is not just about coding but about all aspects of careers in technology. The conference works to bring together women in many different types of careers in tech and at every level from students to senior executives. More details on the speakers and sessions, registering to attend, signing up for the email list or becoming a sponsor is available at http://womenintechsummit.net/washington/.

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