International Volunteer Opportunities

Librarians Needed Internationally

We need Librarians to teach the love of books and of reading.

1. KENYA: Stellar
This nationally recognized children’s center is one of the most innovative in Africa.
While others are stern and emphasize rote learning, this center aims to shape leaders.
Also unusual: they aim to be financially self sufficient with their garden and bakery to raise !.

Tutor &/or teach children who have been abused or abandoned due to alcohol in the family or due to AIDS.
They have expanded from a children’s home (of 64 kids) and have now established their own school.
Bring books! Read to kids and have the joy of a child first learning to read to you.

2. GREECE: Syrian Refugees
Most Syrian refugee 10 year olds have never been to school.
Their life has been consumed by the war and by fleeing.
They now request people that can help them catch up on schooling;
and prepare them for the countries to which they will be going.
Bring books that will both educate and introduce them to their host country.

3. HONDURAS: Fun in the Sun – Literacy
This program has a dynamic director that keeps things hopping.
They have bought Kindles so kids can learn to read and learn computers simultaneously.
Want some time in the tropics? at the beach? We need you here!

4. INDIA: Model for Development
Single moms bring their daughters here if they feel their daughters are at risk
in an alcoholic or abusive environment. The girls really blossom here.
Come help with reading and  all academic subjects.
This is one of most beautiful, friendly and safe corners of India. It is a model for development.
Literacy is almost 100% here. The only place on earth kids ask for a pen so they do their homework!

5. NEPAL: Mountain High
Nepal is poor, having lived generations under a feudal king who cared nothing for the welfare of the people.
Bring books! Teach English & academics in one of the world’s most spectacular settings.

6. BOLIVIA: Remote, Remote, Remote
This organization has built schools and clinics in the remote, remote, remote corners of Bolivia.
Now the schools need books and to cultivate a love of learning to help pull these kids out of poverty.
Well suited to people from Point Barrow or Yellow Knife 😉 and who can speak Spanish.

Tight job descriptions are something that you rarely find in the above countries.
There is considerable latitude in all of these positions; we can often fit the program to you.

These are volunteer positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website.
and BRIEFLY answer the Questionnaire and embed with resume to

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