Introducing the Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC)

The traditional sense of archives and record keeping has changed drastically as technology becomes increasingly embedded the profession. The 21st century archivist is one who understands description and arrangement, but can also design an online digital exhibit or database repository for their collection. With the electronic record influx of emails, Tweets, and STEM research data, it becomes necessary for archivists to augment their resume with digital curation skills.

In an effort to lead digital curation and archival research, the Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC) sponsors interdisciplinary projects that explore the integration of archival research data, user-contributed data, and technology to generate new forms of analysis and research.  The center provides MLIS, MIM, and HCI students hands-on opportunities to work on archival projects that address real challenges faced by different organizations, including government, academic institutions, and corporations.

Possibilities are endless at the DCIC: learn and play with industry software utilized by archival professionals; participate, and potentially lead, real digital curation research projects; develop academically and professionally by participating in archival research conferences, collaborating on published papers, and networking with career experts; and gain tangible management and technical skills to flaunt on your resume.

There are many openings for participating and managing existing projects. They vary from building graph databases for examining legacy record relationships to digitizing controversial historical records that relate to issues facing modern America.

No experience is necessary to participate at the DCIC, just the drive and commitment to get your hands dirty and learn something new.

Please email to learn more about DCIC’s student and faculty opportunities. We look forward to working with you.

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