Librarian (Program Specialist I) – Anne Arundel County, Detention – Anne Arundel County, MD

Position Description
This position announcement will be used to fill a full time, permanent, safety-sensitive Librarian (Program Specialist I) position within the Department of Detention Facilities with Anne Arundel County Government.

The mission of the Library is to support, broaden and strengthen the Department of Detention Facilities Rehabilitation Program. The library provides appropriate and informative resources in a safe and secure setting to pretrial and convicted individuals. Along with the Department, the library shares the responsibility to educate, and provide social and workforce development of the committed population and reinforce existing programs for successful re-entry into the community.

This is program management support work carrying out assignments in operational programs requiring knowledge of a range of program issues to perform recurring assignments involving standard principles and practices.


The occupational field of program management work involves directing or carrying out assignments in one or more programs or management staff functions that are directly related to the agency’s mission of providing services to County residents. This field of work is distinguished from management-support functions such as personnel, budgeting or other administrative-type tasks which are designed to facilitate the activities of other employees providing direct services. The majority of contacts are with employees in the same or other departments and agencies of the County government, State and Federal agencies, non-profit and private sector organizations or citizens. The purpose of the contacts, which normally are of a cooperative nature with both parties working toward mutual goals, are for coordinating or resolving program operating problems and/or providing technical or subject-matter information.

An employee in this class utilizes knowledge of program management support and program subject matter principles, techniques, functions, regulations and procedures in carrying out a variety of standard assignments within a defined area of one or more programs. Assignments may also require knowledge of and skill in using computer and automated office technology. Some recurring contract monitoring responsibilities may be assigned to positions in this class appropriate to the level and type of other duties assigned. The employee independently plans and carries out the aspects of program implementation and resolves problems and deviations in accordance with policies and program practices. The supervisor reviews methods and approaches used in carrying out the program for conformance to policy and established requirements. The employee uses discretion and independent judgment in locating, selecting and applying the appropriate guidelines, references and procedures to respond to specific situations and may determine which of several alternative courses of action to use. The work involves a range of recurring problems and issues requiring the employee to decide on factors that must be identified and analyzed to determine relationships with existing criteria. Work output affects the social, physical or economic well-being of program participants or recipients of services.

The work is primarily sedentary, is performed in an office environment and presents no significant hazards. Employees may have supervisory responsibilities.

Examples of Duties and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
(Note: The duties and responsibilities enumerated in this class specification are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications and salary level for all positions in this class. They are not intended to include all of the essential functions of all positions in the class.)

Provides support for and liaison with various citizens’ committees, community groups, and advisory councils including preparation of meeting summaries, identification of issues requiring further action, and ensuring that requests from the public are handled in a timely and effective manner.

Develops and maintains current listing of specific resource services available for individuals in target population.

Provides program support by establishing and maintaining mechanisms/data bases to track program activity; generate reports; process data, billings, and payment vouchers; verify data or identify inaccuracies in data; and monitor changing trends and patterns.

Monitors specific or selected aspects of contracts and makes recommendations on the acceptability of program services; serves as liaison between contractor and user agency by receiving complaints and resolving problems concerning contract performance or costs.

Determines eligibility for program service based on a review of application with supporting documentation, program regulations and guidelines and verification of data provided by applicant.

Administers a juvenile victim/witness program by offering support and information to victims of and witnesses to juvenile crimes.

Assesses training and staff development requirements and designs programs to address such needs.

Coordinates and directs volunteer program services for the inmate population at the Detention Center.

Drafts and oversees distribution of program promotional materials including public service announcements to local newspapers, special correspondence to employers, and meeting with potential program participants to encourage enrollment.

Prepares workload surveys and recommends changes in work distribution, assignment of functions, and other related matters.

Recruits, screens, trains, schedules, supervises and evaluates program volunteers and student interns.

Performs related duties as required.


Knowledge of the program areas related to the department/agency to which the position is assigned.

General understanding of applicable County, State, and/or Federal regulations and procedures, as required.

Knowledge of contract, administration and monitoring, as required.

Ability to prepare, interpret, and evaluate program proposals and modifications.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Ability to deal tactfully, effectively and equitably with people.

Ability to attend meetings or perform work at locations outside the office, if necessary.

Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university and one (1) or more years of experience in library service.

Note – The selection process includes a comprehensive background investigation and completion of the Maryland Correctional Training Academy.

Note – This position requires a comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation.

Note – This is a safety sensitive position and employees in this position are subject to Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) and Alcohol testing.

Supplemental Qualifications
Preference will be given to applicants who possess the following:

– Bachelor’s Degree with major coursework in public administration, library or social science, or a related field

– Master’s Degree in Library Science from an American Library Association (ALA) accredited program

– One (1) or more years of Library experience in correctional programming

– One (1) or more years of supervisory experience

– Experience working within a correctional facility

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