Great Cathedral Libraries of England

Would you like an insider’s look behind the scenes at `historic England cathedrals? Join with other students to visit the library and archives of Canterbury Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and other great cathedrals where we will talk with the professional staff and view special exhibits of priceless treasures of western history. Learn about the history of cathedral libraries in England, special collections within the libraries, digitization and preservation programs, the libraries and archives as custodians of documents and artifacts of English history and culture, and the libraries’ roles in contemporary cathedral life. The experiences offered in this course are not available in the U.S., nor are they available to the ordinary visitor to the cathedrals. Through the courtesy of the Cathedral Library and Archives Association of Great Britain and of professional librarians in England, we will have privileged access to the libraries and librarians these institutions, a truly special experience.

The course begins in Canterbury, May 22, 2016, and ends in London, June 2, 2016. The itinerary includes two days at Canterbury Cathedral; one day each at the cathedrals in Exeter, Hereford, and Oxford and at Westminster Abbey and Lambeth Palace; and cultural events in Bath and London. The group will travel by train from Canterbury to Bristol, then back to London.

The course will be led by Dr. Diane Barlow and Dr. Ann Weeks of the iSchool faculty, who have led this course previously. Learn more about INST 729E Great Cathedral Libraries of England by watching the recording of the information session:

For other information, email Diane Barlow at

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